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photo by Jennifer West Photography.

Born in Warsaw, 1984, currently based in London, quite often in Tokyo. Painter, author, illustrator and doll maker. Graduated Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (2007). Wisniewska- Michalak cooperated with various magazines as an illustrator and writer. For many years, doll collector and designer, produced a line of bespoke Marti Presents Dolls. Wisniewska- Michalak is well known for making the best Triceratops costume at her daughter's school and being always on time. She did some things here, there, everywhere and in between. Had some exhibitions, some publications and did projects. Some of which she's quite proud of. Nowadays- chocolate enthusiast, ball of anxiety and a mum of one little girl and one pink cat. She is thinking of doing some useful things in the future and would love to be productive for 59 minutes every day. Wisniewska- Michalak dreams of inventing her own shade of pink and campaigning for the Halloween decorations season to start mid-September. Proud owner of an imposter syndrome. She doesn't own have iron.

from the artist

My art is usually described as unsettling and scary, even though in my own eyes I paint beautiful things.

I like to map my canvas with quick sketch to capture ideas and proportions first and then add color gradually, changing it many times during my process. My way of seeing world is affected by my anxious state of mind, fears and worries. In effect, my paintings are usually auto portraits of my mental health issues. I find inspirations in Victorian art of Memento Mori, history of beauty and anatomy theaters, deformations of human body, finding beauty in imperfection and ugliness. I love Japanese art of wearing Kimono, history of fashion, antique dolls, tattoos and taxidermy. Every painting is a diary of current moods and fascinations.

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